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The Snowman (2017) [1080p] BluRay Free Movie DownloadsThe Snowman (2017) [1080p] BluRay: For Detective Harry Hole, the death of a young woman during the first snowfall of winter feels like anything but a routine homicide. His investigation leads him to “The Snowman Killer,” an elusive sociopath who continuously taunts Hole with cat-and-mouse games. As the vicious murders continue, Harry teams up with a brilliant recruit to try and lure the madman out of the shadows before he can strike again.

The Snowman (2017) [1080p] BluRay Free Movie Downloads

Critic reviews

Michael Fassbender and other talented people wander through this leaden mess. Full review

A case of a missed opportunity. It references all the right films, but The Snowman comes off as a pale imitation.Full review

I found myself wanting The Snowman to work so badly that I thought of every scenic interlude as a potential fresh start, a reboot. Full review

While there are elements of a riveting Noir thriller here, The Snowman proves to be more of a pulpy mess than a chilling crime tale. Full review

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