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Project Nim is a British documentary film directed by James Marsh and produced by Simon Chinn. The movie is purely based on the book written by Elizabeth Hess in the name “Nim Chimpsky: The Chimp Who Would be Human”. The film features actors like Bob Angelini, Ben Cohen and Renne Falitz in the leading roles. Project Nim is noted for the incredible music given by Dickon Hinchiliffe. He has done a magic with the sounds and made it so interesting that it engages the people in a very entertaining manner. In the UK, the movie was distributed by Icon Film Distribution; in the US it was distributed by Roadside Attractions, while in Canada the distribution responsibility was taken up by Mongrel Media. It was released on 20 January 2011 and was considered to be a great adaptation of the book written by Elizabeth Hess. The music of the film was memorable and earned many followers for the same. Project Nim received a rating of 98 percent on rotten tomatoes which is very high rating to be received by a documentary movie.

Watch out for: Its music and breathtaking cinematography
Genre: Documentary
Director: James Marsh
Writer: Elizabeth Hess (book)
Stars: Nim Chimpsky, Stephanie LaFarge, Herbert Terrace

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