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Daddys Home (2015) [1080p.BluRay] Free Movie DownloadsDaddys Home (2015) [1080p.BluRay] : Stepfather Brad Whitaker is seeking after his stepchildren to love him and treat him like a father. All is going admirably until the organic father, Dusty Mayron, appears, at that point everything incurs significant damage. His stepchildren begin putting him second and their dad to start with, and now Dusty should discover that being a decent father is about torments and battles. Brad will likewise encounter indeed what it resembles to be a stepdad.

Critic reviews

Another case of the best bits showing up in the trailer, this is a comedy that doesn’t have much more to offer than predictable (and literal) comparisons of manhood.Full review
As Hollywood holiday offerings go, the forgettable comedy “Daddy’s Home” isn’t so much a lump of coal as an empty box. Full review
A man’s relationship with his stepchildren comes under siege when the children’s biological father comes back into their lives in this ugly psychological cockfight posing as a family-friendly comedy. Full review
Daddy’s Home is a formulaic Will Ferrell comedy, but enough jokes hit their mark to make it a passable one.Full review